We attempt to capture the full library experience, from the roaring fire in winter to the leather chairs and desks. The smell of the books, and the way they feel, are as crucial as the words on the page.
Everything I found in the various libraries I visit. It's one way I have to share my love of books and printed papers with the world. Most of the books will be quite old, some will be rare, but others will be new. All of them will be unusual or notable in some way. It's your way to visit the library without visiting the library. We will focus mainly on Britain and England, but not completely. Each adventure starts with a library find but ends... who knows where?
In future episodes we will bring you news from various National Trust libraries too, including the private libraries at Hughenden Manor, Greys Court, Waddesdon and more. One day, we hope, also Gladstone’s Library in Wales. But we make no apology for focusing several episodes on our spiritual home when in London, the London Library in St James’s Square.